Just a few more nights to Halloween! A kid’s favorite holiday (except for Christmas…that trumps EVERYTHING). As a kid growing up in Dominican Republic, we didn’t celebrate Halloween like kids do here. It was a day of masks and festivals but not of trick o’ treating. We didn’t go around and collect candy from neighbors. It just wasn’t how it was done over in the island at that time.

When we moved to NYC, we got to experience how the Americans do it. Whoop! Whoop! Best.day.ever. Going around the neighborhood and asking for candy and GETTING candy upon request. Wow. I filled my bag with all the candy I could get and threw caution to the wind as I peeled and opened and ate just about everything I received. Happy day.

When I had kids I wanted to make it a fun day too. Ever since my first was a baby, we’ve done the traditional trick o’ treating. Except that unlike what I was able to do, I don’t let my kids eat all the candy they receive. I know, I know, party pooper parent, but I can’t help it. So instead we do the Pumpkin Fairy. Still a good time to be had by the kids but with a lot less sugar.

And so yes, here we are days before the BIG day. And this year I almost had everyone’s chosen costumes with plenty of time…until 3 out of 4 tweaked their ideas and changed things up. So this week we’ll be back to putting costumes together. But it’ll be a fun day and night on the 31st and we’re counting the sleeps until then.




It’s coming up sooner than you think! If you’re in the Southern CA area, mark your calendar now to attend our Annual Holiday Fashion Show on Sunday, November 8th at 11am. Following the show we’ll have face painting and a special theme children’s story time for all ages. 

Enjoy drinks as you watch the cutest holiday outfits being modeled by our adorable little models.






Mind you, it’s still upper 80’s here but we’ll call it “end of summer” last camping trip for us. As a family of 6, we love camping. It’s economical, helps us unplug, reconnects us to each other again and it’s relaxing.  We’ve gone to O’Neill’s here locally as well as Caspers. I prefer O’Neill to Caspers since there’s been less bees when we’ve gone. And if you end up going, we really like camping site 38.

Just recently we also went to Dogwood in San Bernardino County. It’s in Lake Arrowhead, a quaint small town with the BEST Belgian waffle restaurant you’ll ever visit.  We stayed in site #,which we really liked. It’s just close enough to the bathrooms, without being too close and had water near the site.

Camping with kids is so much fun for me. I’m a “glamping” camper in that while we sleep in tents, I bring homey items like cloth table covers, bed covers for my air bed, a little rug for next to my bed and a centerpiece for our camping table. I bring plenty of snacks and we also eat quite well while camping including making sauteed steak with spinach.  Despite that it all seems like a lot of work, it’s surprisingly really relaxing for me. I love cooking and this allows me to do it in a rustic way and to me it brings to me back to my roots. If you’ve not camped yet with kids, go for it. I really think you’ll like it.




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So, we know you don’t really need tips on enjoying something as AWESOME as summer, but here are ways that we’re LOVING summer around here.

1. Go to the beach.

Yes, just grab the kids, some snacks (use our reusable snack containers for easy packing and eco-friendly), some towels and your bathing suits (bikini body or not…who cares!), our natural sunblocks and spend a few hours (or more!) playing with sand or in the waters of our beautiful beaches here in Orange County.

2. Try something new!

For me it’s been paddleboarding! This girl had never been paddleboarding up until a couple of weeks ago (can you believe it!). And now, I’m in love with it and so happy I did it. There are so many opportunities here for new adventures. Take one.

3. Go camping…or a road trip!

We’ve been here about five years and I still feel really lucky to be living where I can just as easily go to the beach as I can to the mountains. And eve better, I can also go camping every weekend if I wanted to. Go camping. For real, if you haven’t in a while or at all, just do it. As rustic as it can be, it is also peaceful and calming. And it brings the family back to what matters…each other.

Whatever you do this summer, come and visit us, attend one of our classes, do some fun shopping and then let us know how you enjoyed your goodies through your summer days. Peace!


Toys! Toys! Toys!

 Back when we opened Granola Babies, it was nearly impossible to go to a store and purchase a quality wooden toy. As a mother, I was so frustrated with only being able to purchase online that I made sure to stock our little store with as many quality wooden toys as I could fit into […]

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