happy new year

A new year! A new start, a refreshed beginning, a time to look forward to happy days and new memories. I love this time of year!

At Granola Babies, we’re always thankful to celebrate the past and plan for the future. It’s because of our amazing customers that we even get to have a new year as a small business. Granola Babies isn’t a large corporation, we don’t have a CEO and a President and a board of directors and a huge team of customer service reps. We’re a small family business with a handful of local moms as amazing employees and it’s led by me, wife and mother and juggler of our crazy busy life.  When our customer choose to shop small business with Granola Babies they are supporting families just like themselves and they are supporting their local community. They are doing something AMAZING in this day and age of price competitions and online deals. They are choosing to support UNIQUE and small business and QUALITY for themselves and the little ones in their lives. It’s because of these cusotmers that we are HERE. And as the new year begins, we thank every single person that has shopped at granolababies.com and in person at Granola Babies in California. We simply adore you.

In my personal life, the new year is also a time to reflect on the past year, to see what was done well and what needs improvement. A time to see what we can do better in parenting our four kids and how we can better raise them in becoming kind and strong individuals.  It’s a time for me as a woman to reflect in how I can also meet MY needs so that I can better meet the needs of others. How to keep the balance in work life and family life. I too enjoy this time of year personally because it’s a great time for growth.

As the year comes to an end and a wonderful new year begins, I wish happiness, love and kindness for you as well. Thank you for being a part of our community, for sharing our store with others and for shopping with us. 2016 is going to be fabulous…you wait and see! We have great things planned for you. Happy New Year!



PicMonkey Collage

It’s time for giving! And through December 18th, we’re giving YOU a free gift with your baby carrier purchase online. Choose your favorite carrier to purchase and then choose your free gift. Start shopping here. Have fun!



We are so THANKFUL to our customers and fans that we’re doing a fun giveaway to celebrate!

Granola Babies is giving away a Lillebaby Essentials Baby Carrier. The Lillebaby is one of our most popular soft structured carriers here at Granola Babies. And so why not give one away! :)

Here’s how to enter:

Mandatory entry: LIKE us on our Facebook page and comment on the giveaway post (posted 12/1/15).

Extra Entries

You get 10 entries for this ~ woohoo!! 

  • Save this picture above and upload it to your Facebook page as your “profile picture”. And keep this profile picture through the duration of the giveaway since we have to see it when we count your entries.

We’ll announce winner on Monday, December 7th. Have fun! And we’ll see you at Granola Babies!








Just a few more nights to Halloween! A kid’s favorite holiday (except for Christmas…that trumps EVERYTHING). As a kid growing up in Dominican Republic, we didn’t celebrate Halloween like kids do here. It was a day of masks and festivals but not of trick o’ treating. We didn’t go around and collect candy from neighbors. It just wasn’t how it was done over in the island at that time.

When we moved to NYC, we got to experience how the Americans do it. Whoop! Whoop! Best.day.ever. Going around the neighborhood and asking for candy and GETTING candy upon request. Wow. I filled my bag with all the candy I could get and threw caution to the wind as I peeled and opened and ate just about everything I received. Happy day.

When I had kids I wanted to make it a fun day too. Ever since my first was a baby, we’ve done the traditional trick o’ treating. Except that unlike what I was able to do, I don’t let my kids eat all the candy they receive. I know, I know, party pooper parent, but I can’t help it. So instead we do the Pumpkin Fairy. Still a good time to be had by the kids but with a lot less sugar.

And so yes, here we are days before the BIG day. And this year I almost had everyone’s chosen costumes with plenty of time…until 3 out of 4 tweaked their ideas and changed things up. So this week we’ll be back to putting costumes together. But it’ll be a fun day and night on the 31st and we’re counting the sleeps until then.



Truly the cutest holiday outfits by our little models.

It’s coming up sooner than you think! If you’re in the Southern CA area, mark your calendar now to attend our Annual Holiday Fashion Show on Sunday, November 8th at 11am. Following the show we’ll have face painting and a special theme children’s story time for all ages.  Enjoy drinks as you watch the cutest […]

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