So, have you seen the Similac ad that is about mommy wars and stopping these? It’s the feel good video that made moms truly believe that Similac did it because they care about mommy wars? You know the one that wasn’t about increasing future formula sales AT ALL and only for moms to connect?

Yeah, that one. I’m not buying into it.

And if you’ve seen it, you also may (MAYBE) noticed that the breastfeeding moms were the most judgmental. The breastfeeding police that bully the formula feeding moms. Even the dads in the video played into it as well. 

So yeah, this video. Well it went viral and then some. And in the video it was pretty clear that anyone that speaks up for breastfeeding is a mean mom and the very moms that create mommy wars. And this belief went nuts on social media forums to the point that if you posted that you didn’t agree with the ad, you most certainly are one of THOSE moms. The breastfeeding police —> that must be you because you spoke against the ad and you spoke advocating breastfeeding.  How dare you!?!

And there you have it.  Make it so that moms feel less comfortable about advocating breastfeeding or speaking about it because if they do….they MUST be one of those breastfeeding police moms.

Don’t talk about it. Don’t mention it. Just stay quiet about it will you?

Because if you do, then maybe others won’t learn more about breastfeeding. Others maybe, just maybe will stop seeking support for it and then will need formula. And maybe, JUST MAYBE when they do, they’ll remember the video and that this lovely feel good video was created by Similac. And hey they seem so caring and loving and even other breastfeeding moms passed the video around…they MUST be good, right? 

But hey, did I just write that? Because if I did and it was in sarcasm and if I dared to not like the Similac video, surely I must be one of THOSE moms too.

And can you believe many don’t think that the ad had anything to do with it?

Hm. A video that depicts breastfeeding moms as mean and judgemental and that when you speak up about breastfeeding you must be a breastfeeding police. And when you in turn write that you don’t agree with the video, then you must be one of those moms.


I think right now it’s a win-win for Similac. They must be thrilled that this is what mothers are feeling and that they are passing around the video like candy.

But sorry…not this mom. And not this one, or this one, or this one and many more. 

And if you’re wondering why, read those blog links. Hopefully coming from more than one place will help to understand the various reasons why this ad isn’t a feel good, all about supporting mothers ad AT ALL. And hopefully you’ll see it for exactly what it is. 





This coming week, my first baby turns 10 years old. It’s a big year for her. But it’s also a big year for me. See, our children’s birthdays aren’t only for their birth day celebrations. Their birth day is also a celebration of us as their mothers. This upcoming birthday, marks 10 years of being a mother. It was 10 years ago that I went from having no kids at all to having a life changing experience of getting to be a mother to a baby.

And today I found myself reflecting on that. My little girl began such a significant journey in my life that continues today and will continue for the rest of my life. She was the beginning of making me not just a mother, but a stronger woman and a more confident individual. My little girl was the beginning of what has turned out to be the creation of a natural parenting community and boutique called Granola Babies. She’s the first of my granola babies that taught me everything that I know today.

Being her mother has been such a joy to me. I enjoyed her as a baby and enjoy her today as a young lady. As my only girl, I get to relate to her as a girl and nurture that special relationship between a girl and her mother. As a mother, I get to also be a part of a community of women around the world that without her, I would not get to. Her birth was truly life changing.

I’ve come a long way from that day as a first time mother. In some ways I was a better mother then that I am today and in so many more ways I’m a better mother now through the experience the years have brought.  Without her, I would not be who I am today.

It’s a big week coming up. A big week for her and for me too. I’ll celebrate her birthday with her starting tomorrow and through the week. And inside, I will celebrate what her birth brought to my life. Happy birth day to the both of us and many more years to come.



Oh we got a dog. A dog!


And I’m in love.

It all started when my daughter (now 10 years old this month) started asking for a dog when she was about 3 years old. Having just had her little brother, I of course said no way. It’d be way too much work. Then I had a third baby and though she kept asking, I kept saying no. We’ll get a dog when you’re old enough to take care of it, I told her over and over. Then I had a fourth baby and thought, oh goodness, we’ll NEVER get a dog. Maybe we can put this off for 10 years? Maybe?

See, she usually only asked me. She always asked me. She never asked my husband. And so I was the “bad guy” that got to say no all the time. What a terrible place to be! So, one day I had a brilliant idea. I’ll have her ask her father! Because surely, he will say no. And then I won’t be the bad guy anymore!! Brilliant. Why hadn’t I thought of this earlier?!?

She asked him.

And the man, that swore to me privately, up and down that we’d never, ever, ever get a dog. That he soooo doesn’t want a dog. This same man — said sure honey! Let’s get a dog.

The man can’t say no to his little girl.

Well, darn. We’d be getting a dog. And so last month we started to go to rescues. I say rescues, with an “s” as in plural, but actually we went to one and didn’t need to go to another.


Lucky. That was his name. The little dog that pulled on my heart strings. See, when you walked down the aisle of dogs, you see these perky or barking dogs, sturdy dogs. And then you’d get to Lucky’s cage. Poor thing. Small as can be with only 8 lbs and shaking with fear. Wouldn’t move much. Just a scared little dog. Shaking non-stop and fearful as can be.

That’s the dog I wanted.

I knew he was so scared and I wanted to get him out as soon as possible. The rescue staff was worried. My friends were worried. Everyone thought a scared, timid dog will become a biting dog that can’t handle the kids. But, I felt differently.

We saw other dogs, but they weren’t Lucky. And the kids also couldn’t connect to other dogs either. They wanted Lucky. My son cried the day we went home to think more about it, because he wanted Lucky so badly.

We thought about it over Christmas and went to bring him home the day after Christmas.


It’s been a week of Lucky being in his forever home and we couldn’t be happier. He had completed what I thought was our completed family. He loves and we love him. He has started to come out of his shell and for the first time today, he ran with the kids. This a dog that could barely move because of fear. He now runs and plays and is excited for us and kisses us and loves us. And we love him back so much. We adore him.


Lucky was the name the rescue gave him and we kept it. We kept his name because we felt so lucky to have him. We are so lucky to have him. And so Lucky will always be his name. We are truly lucky.




 We love, love, love our customers! And at the store we even have a way to rewards our customers. Customers receive $10 for every $200 spent.

But I really wanted to find a way to thank even more those customers that make larger purchases at Granola Babies.

So, we gave them what I know they would LOVE. Free extra store credit to use at Granola Babies!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for shopping at Granola Babies. And enjoy!!



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This holiday season, you may have one or boxes after opening gifts. And sometimes these are absolutely the best play things EVER.

Here are some ideas of how to keep the play going once your child is all played out of climbing on, getting on, tipping over and crushing the boxes. Play on!

Build a Castle


Acorn Pies blog has a great blog post on how to build a castle with an empty box.  Add some wooden toy king and queen from Granola Babies and it’s play time!

Build a Train/Car Tunnel

train tunnel


Take those little cars and trains from Granola Babies and build them a little tunnel! I love this fun blog post at Thrive 30 Living.

Build a City

box house

Building a city with cardboard boxes is easily hours of entertainment for little ones. Your little one and you can customize it however you’d like. This is perfect for using creativity.

Build a Small World

box town

If you have a small baby or toddler, this idea from Imagination Tree Blog could be soooo much fun! Get all those wooden blocks, trucks, dolls in there and let your little one have fun.

Build a Bunk Bed

cardboard bed

How adorable is this little bunk bed by Ikat Bag Blog! It’s a sure project here in our household. One all of my kids will LOVE.


Enjoy and happy holidays!



Come and have a seat

Though we’ve had our community room (aka super comfy living room) but we have never ever had seating inside the retail store. That is…until now! This past week we were little elves and moved around the store. One of the changes we did was add a sweet lovely seating area. And this week we got […]

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